Line Logo “Engraved” Full Setup

Price: € 34.95

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Line Logo “Engraved” Full Setup

Price: € 34.95

1STRY is a brand that aims to provide quality at a lower cost to the scene. Decks are released in limited drops as the boards themselves are worked by André Coral.
Perfect to be your first setup but also for experienced fingerboarders that want an affordable deck where all tricks can be done first try. 1STRY Full Setup´s have all the components to start riding. These include the Basic Trucks Black, the smooth 1STRY Bearing Wheels Edition 1 and a Sextape!


* 1STRY Wheels Bearing Wheels E1

* 1STRY Basic Trucks Black

* 1 x Sextape®

* *Medium concave shape

* 5 plies of Maplewood

* Logo Laser Engraved in a line

* Slightly defined nose & tail

* 8 Screws, 6 Lock Nuts & 1 Tool


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