Bruno Ambrósio Pro Model

Price: € 49.95

Bruno Ambrósio Pro Model

Price: € 49.95

We value customization, so each board is finished together with you!
After a purchase, André will contact you and together finish the deck to the perfect size you want! From 29mm to 34,5mm anything is possible. To the millimeter!
Also, you will be given the progress and you´ll see your deck being finished to your perfect size.
*** Decks are shipped on the 15th of February for this reason.

This graphic is made by artist Bernardo Cristovão. Bruno Ambrósio is one of the pioneers of the Scene and that is depicted by Lowpro’s original logo in his heart. This specific board has transparent graphic technology, showing the wood underneath.


* L1 shape® – 29 to 34,5mm

* Stock limited to 3 decks per graphic

* Top split ply combination.

* 1-on-1 with you for a custom finish

* 5 plies of Hard Canadian Maple

* Transfer Graphic ( skatewear )

* Laser branding on top ply

* 8 Tons Press & Epoxy Resin

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