Bollie “Indian Spirit” FULL SETUP

Price: € 29.95

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Bollie “Indian Spirit” FULL SETUP

Price: € 29.95

Bollie was founded with the goal of offering affordable starter products for beginner and intermediate fingerboarders. Bollie decks are ca. 30.5mm wide (ca. 1.2in) and have a normal concave. Each deck is delivered with a sheet of Riptape. The set comes with a pair of Bollie trucks, a set of Bollie bearing wheels and a fingerboard tool.

* Handmade in Germany

*  FULL SETUP 30.5mm

* Precision work

* Inc/ 2 basic Trucks, 4 wheels, 1 Rip tape & tool

* Guaranteed scene reinvestment

* Photos by Blackriver©

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