What is Fingerboard?
It is skateboarding on a 1:8 scale. Same moves, same philosophy

What does Lowpro stand for?
It means low profile. It means being yourself and doing what you love. Period!

Also, it is not Low Pro nor LowPro. It is written Lowpro. All in one word, simple.

Do you sponsor?
No. We don´t sponsor. We are not a “team”. One, only, enters the Lowpro Family with an invitation made by André Coral.

What is the Lowpro Family?
The Lowpro Family is the group of people that most support Lowpro while in the same time have a genuine interest in the development of the fingerboard scene

How do I order?
Very simple. Enter ” Shop”, choose a board, press “add to cart”. Then whenever yo want to finalise the payment just press cart and checkout, follow the steps until you finalise the payment and then you´ll just have to wait to get it at your door.

How does the Cash on delivery work?
If you live in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France or Germany you can choose Cash on Delivery payment method. it´s very simple, go on with the order, give a complete address and just wait until you hear from the mail man. You get the package at your door and you pay the mail man. If you are not at home the mail man delivers your post office recipet to get at your local post office. Bear in mind that Cash on Delivery has an extra cost.

Do you ship worldwide?
We ship to any valid address on this planet.

How does the stock work?
During the month of January 2015  all decks are available in an unlimited number. From February 2015 onward Lowpros main product, its deck, will have a limited production and sale of 20 decks per month only. This is necessary to ensure the quality of the deck and service that we want to provide.

How much is shipping?
The Standard rate of shipping is 3€ inside Portugal and 6€ in any other country. It includes: packaging, shipping costs, paypal fee, handling costs and stickers.
Inside Portugal the estimated time is between 3 to 5 working days. In any other European country it is between 3 to 10 working days and for countries outside Europe it spans from 5 to 15 working days ( in cases of delays like Christmas or Easter ).

Does any “physical” shop sell your products?
As off 2015, all our previous deals with any phisical shop are to be renegociated.
So as of for now there are no oficial distribuitors of Lowpro products.
If you want a Lowpro, get it here.

How long do i have to to pay after i made my order before the deck gets back in to stock?
20 minutes.

If you have any doubt or question regarding any subject feel free to drop us a line at lowprodecks@gmail.com