We are a board company and we specialize in deck making! Period!

Our decks are shaped by André Coral; in order to have a top quality board, it is imperative to be involved, first hand, on all stages of production and design.

All boards are L1 Shape and are pressed with Epoxy resin on an 8 tons hydraulic press, custom made for fingerboard deck making, which ensures the thinnest 5 ply decks coming out of the André’s workshop.


Most 5 ply decks on the market look proportionally thicker than a real skate, so we took the challenge to make fingerboards look as close as a skate board as possible.

Lowpro decks are made with very thin and hard Canadian Mapple and all boards have laser branding on the top ply.

We care for the whole board as an object, so the quality of the finishing is something we have extra work with. All Lowpro boards have rounded sides.